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Modern Farang Mu Sul® Schools and Web Sites:

United States Of America :


World Headquarters – Santa Rosa / San Francisco:- ( 1 )
Kuk Sa Nim - Grand Master Michael De Alba - 10th Dan
Chief Master James De Alba - 7th Dan
Master David Dehnert - 5th Dan
Master Terry King - 4th Dan
Master Joseph Gumina - 4th Dan
Head Inst. Kim Shaw - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. John Stenson - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Stuart Mc Calla - 2nd Dan
Inst. Chris Mague - 1st Dan
Inst. Mike De Alba, Jr. -
1st Dan
Inst. Thomas De Alba -
1st Dan
Inst. Brandon De Alba -
1st Dan

Hollister:- ( 1 ) ( 2 )
Master Patrick Schleeter - 5th Dan
Master Earl Boyd - 4th Dan
Chief Inst. Beth Matulich - 3rd Dan
Head Inst. Mario Ferrito - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Mike Amaral - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Neal Kelso - 2nd Dan
Inst. Chris Moore -
1st Dan
Asst. Inst. Neil Carpenter - Dan Bo

Huntington Beach:- ( 1 )
Head Inst. Nicole Miller - Jr. 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Dylan Hamilton - Jr. 2nd Dan
Inst. Matthew Wagner - Jr. 1st Dan
Inst. Mariah Witt - Jr. 1st Dan
Inst. Nick Nelson - Jr. 1st Dan

Modesto:- ( 1 )
Chief Inst. John Pantoja - 3rd Dan
Asst. Inst. John Sayre - Dan Bo


Master Nelson Pinto - 5th Dan
Inst. Thomas Pomilla - 1st Dan


Portland:- ( 1 )
Head Inst. Mario Ferrito - 2nd Dan


Manhattan, NY:- ( 1 )- ( 2 )
Inst. Ken Gibson - 1st Dan
Inst. Patrick Brennan - 1st Dan

Long Island:- ( 1 )- ( 2 )
Head Inst- Anthony Spataro - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Joseph Spataro - 2nd Dan
Inst. Wyatt Kern - 1st Dan


Lansing:- ( 1 )
Head Inst. Robert Hudson - 2nd Dan
Asst. Inst. John Hummel - Oh Kub
Asst. Inst. Daniel Lince - Oh Kub
Asst. Inst. Joseph Shooltz - Oh Kub


Hershey:- ( 1 )- ( 2 )
Head Inst. Michael Nickels - 2nd Dan


Denver:- ( 1 )
Inst. Carlos Sanchez - 1st Dan


Chicago:- ( 1 )
Inst. Jeremy Talbott


Boise:- ( 1 )
Inst. Mark Anderson - Sa Kub

International Schools :


Mirandela: Marinha Grande: Lisbon: Caldas da Rainha: Bragança: ( 1 ) ( 2 )

Master Nelson Pinto - 5th Dan
Inst. Mario Marques - 1st Dan
Inst. Patrick Afonso Esteves – 1st Dan
Inst. Ricardo Oliveira - 1st Dan

Inst. Miguel Mocho - Dan Bo
Asst. Inst. Tiago Domingues - Oh Kub
Asst. Inst. Bruno Franco - Oh Kub


Koln: Bonn: (1) (2) (3) (4)
Inst. Michael Klockner - 1st Dan
Inst. Daniel Derichsweiler – 1st Dan
Asst. Inst. Wolfgang Langbein - Sam Kub
Asst. Inst. Semir Bee - Sam Kub
Asst. Inst.
Max Lautner- Sam Kub

Asst. Inst. Oliver Chojnowski - Sa Kub
Asst. Inst. Marit Derichsweiler - Oh Kub
Asst. Inst.
Marcel Patt - Oh Kub

Asst. Inst. Markus Höhne - Dan Bo


Wroclaw: Warsaw: Lodz: Namyslow- ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 )
Chief Inst. Katarzyna Klepczyk - 3rd Dan
Head Inst. Sebastian Dorobek - 2nd Dan
Inst. Miroslaw Guszczynski - 1st Dan
Asst. Inst. Andrzej Klepczyk - Dan Bo
Asst. Inst Pawel Ratynski - Oh Kub


Arecibo: Hatillo: ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ( 5 )
Master Dennis Vega- 4th Dan
Inst. Nelson Cardona - 1st Dan
Inst. Inocencio Molina - 1st Dan
Inst. Amalio Jimenez - 1st Dan
Inst. Eduardo Soberal - 1st Dan
Inst. Juan Gonzalez - 1st Dan
Inst. Justo Ortiz - 1st Dan
Inst. Luis Medina Aviles - 1st Dan
Inst. Carlos Colón - 1st Dan
Inst. Jose Martinez Rosa - 1st Dan
Inst. Carlos Roman - 1st Dan
Inst. Juan Carlos Pellot - 1st Dan
Inst. Victor Cabrera - 1st Dan
Inst. Andres Alicea - 1st Dan
Inst. Nelson Martinez - 1st Dan
Inst. Luis Rodriguez - 1st Dan
Inst. David Rodriguez - 1st Dan
Inst. Gabriel Pineda - Jr. 2nd Dan
Inst. Arelis Medina - Jr. 2nd Dan
Inst. Kristen Otero - Jr. 2nd Dan
Inst. Carla Colon - Jr. 1st Dan
Inst. Luis Medina - Jr. 1st Dan
Inst. Daliana Otero - Jr. 1st Dan
Inst. Alexander Irizarry - 1st
Inst. Wilfredo Olmos - 1st
Inst. Omar Rios - 1st
Inst. Luis Gonzalez - 1st
Inst. Sigfredo Rodriguez - 1st Dan


Moscow, Krasnodar: ( 1 )
Master Davud Suleymanov - 4th Dan
Inst. Ilias Beppaev
- 1st Dan
Inst. Mikhail Lyakhov - 1st Dan
Inst. Sergey Kataev
- 1st Dan
Inst. Tagir Dagirov - 1st Dan
Inst. Batalav Charinov
- 1st Dan
Asst. Inst. Andzor Murzabekov - Dan Bo
Asst. Inst. Vladimir Chernishov - Dan Bo
Asst. Inst. Yuriy Griboedov
- Oh Kub
Asst. Inst. Oleg Boulakhov - Oh Kub
Asst. Inst. Dmitriy Muhin - Dan Bo


Inst. Chris Venter – Dan Bo


Ceadir-Lunga, Chișinău:
Inst. Veascelav Lipcan - 1st Dan


London, Oxford:
Inst. Miguel Mocho - Dan Bo
Inst. David Bucker - Dan Bo


Rio de Janeiro , São Paulo:
Inst. Pedro Sarmet - Dan Bo


Kandy, Don Bosco, Sri Lanka:
Inst. Rath Prasad- Dan Bo


Position Open


Position Open


Position Open


Representative Instructor Positions Open

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Martial Arts Sites Of Interest:

Master Ken Corona - CMAA - Arizona - (HL)

Bob Duggan's - Society of Hwa Rang - (HL)

Kaiso Dave Bendigkeit - Shintaikido - (HL)

Grand Master Rick Alemany - Shaolin Kenpo - (HL)

Guro Carlos “Pipo” López - Filipino Combat Systems - (HL)

Sensei Pedro Porém - Kosho-Ryu Kenpo - (HL)

Sensei Mónica Couto - Jujutsu Kobujutsu - (HL)

Guru Bram Frank - CSSDSC - Common Sense Self Defense Street Combat - (HL)

Guru Thomas Sotis - The AMOK! Brotherhood - Knife Fighting - (HL)

Soke Tim Delgman - Zen Budokai Aiki Jujitsu- (HL)

Professor Bill Dewart - Academy of Tae Kwon Do - (HL)

Tom Osborn - HRD Australia - (HL)

GM Rudy Timmerman - Korean Martial Arts Asso. - (HL)

GM Ian Cyrus - Chosondo Kwon Bup / Hapkido - (HL)

Master R. Stigall & Master G. Gavin - TKD / Hapkido - (HL)

Master Louis Kim - Hapkido - (HL)

Master Jino Kang - Hapkido - (HL)

Master Rober Ott - Temple of Certain Victory - (HL)

Christie Kenpo of Sausalito - Alemany Kenpo - (HL)

World Kido Fed - Hanminjok Hapkido Asso - Grand Master In Sun Seo - (HL)

MACS - Martial Arts Collective Society - (HL)

WHFSC - World Head of Family Sokeship Council - (HL)

ATAMA - American Teachers Asso. of Martial Arts - (HL)

Master Mike Massie - Resources on Starting a Martial Arts School - (HL)

Mark Simons- San Francisco Guitar Quartet - (HL)

Master James De Alba - Sonoma Classic Motorbikes- (HL)

Jeffrey Winters - Complete Website - (HL) - Mystic Uncle Webstie - (HL)

Supplies : Wholesalers - Direct - (HL)


Firearms Training Sites:

Executive Security Intl. - (HL)

Gun Laws - Calif. State - (HL)

I.P.S.C. - (HL)

I.D.P.A. - (HL)

NRA - (HL)

Front Sight - (HL)

Top Gun - (HL)

Firearm Training Schools - (HL)

AZ - Gunsight Academy Inc. - (HL)


Knives and Swords

Blade Forums - (HL)

Knife Laws - Resources- All of USA - (HL)

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