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Master Instructor: Dennis Vega
Instructor: Nelson Cardona
Instructor: Inocencio Molina
Instructor: Amalio Jimenez
Instructor: Eduardo Soberal
Instructor: Juan Gonzalez
Instructor: Justo Ortiz
Instructor: Luis Medina Aviles
Instructor: Carlos Colón
Instructor: Jose Martinez Rosa
Instructor: Carlos Roman
Instructor: Juan Carlos Pellot

Instructor: Carla Colon
Instructor: Gabriel Pineda
Instructor: Arelis Medina
Instructor: Luis Medina
Instructor: Daliana Otero
Kristen Otero

Instructor: Luis Soto

Instructor: Francisco Delgado
Ismael Roman
Instructor: Edwin Hernandez
Instructor: Efrain Santiago

School / Club Location: Calle José Olmo # 323,


Puerto Rico

Contact Number: (787) 347-0485

E-Mail: Puerto Rico - Modern Farang Mu Sul®

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Phone: 415-661-9657


Fulton, CA


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