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School / Club Location:

988 Oak St. (Academy of TKD)

San Francisco, CA 94117

FMS Group Classes: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 7:30-9:30 PM

Contact Number: 415-661-9657


Directions to the School: Map Quest


Kuk Sa Nim - Grand Master Michael De Alba - 8th Dan
Master James De Alba - 7th Dan
Master David Dehnert - 5th Dan
Chief Inst. Terry King - 3rd Dan
Head Inst. Kim Leith - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. John Stenson - 2nd Dan
Head Inst. Joseph Gumina - 2nd Dan
Inst. Chris Mague - 1st Dan
Inst. Stuart Mc Calla - 1st Dan
Inst. Mark Shekoyan - 1st Dan
Asst. Inst. Mike De Alba, Jr. - Dan Bo

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Modern Farang Mu Sul ®

Phone: 415-661-9657


Fulton, CA


Webmaster :Stuart McCalla

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