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Modern Farang Mu Sul® - Events - 2010

January 2010
Jan 06 – Inst. Shayna Merwin Birthday
Jan 08 – TKD Times - Cover Shoot - KSN
Jan 16 – Inst. Sebastian Dorobek Birthday
Jan 28 – Inst. Chris Mague Birthday
Jan 31 – WHQ - New Year Training and Xmas Party (San Francisco)

February 2010
Feb 11 – Inst. Jose Martinez Rosa Birthday
Feb 19 – Inst. Anthony Spataro Birthday
Feb 19 – Inst. Joseph Spataro Birthday
Feb 20 – WHQ- Black Belt Camp (Santa Rosa)
Feb 21 – Inst. Beth Matulich Birthday
Feb 24 – Inst. Joseph Gumina Birthday

March 2010
Mar 05 – FMS-TVT -Puerto Rico Warriors- Top Compbat Championships - Arecibo, PR
Mar 20– WHQ – FMS Black Belt Camp (Santa Rosa)
Mar 22 – Inst. Carlos Colon Rosa Birthday
Mar 24 – Inst. Michael Klockner Birthday

April 2010
Apr 12 – Inst. Carlos Roman Martinez Birthday
Apr 17– WHQ - FMS Black Belt Camp (Santa Rosa)
Apr 24 – Inst. Michael Iannone Birthday

May 2010
May 01 – Inst. John K. Stenson Jr. Birthday
May 08 – Prof. Navarro - Tournament (San Francisco)
May 14 – Inst. Nicole Miller Birthday
May 15 – WHQ – FMS Black Belt Camp (Santa Rosa)
May 22 – FMS Italy – Inst. Padovani and Robyn's Wedding (Big Sir)
May 23 – Inst. Michael Nickels Birthday
May 29 – Mr. Delgado - Grappling Tournament
May 30 – Inst. Terry L. King Birthday
May 30 – Inst. Justo Ortiz Birthday

June 2010
Jun 10 – Inst. Juan Carlos Pellot Birthday
Jun 11 – Master David Dehnert Birthday
Jun 11 – Inst. Mariah Witt Birthday
Jun 13 – Master Patrick C. Schleeter Birthday
Jun 21 – Master James De Alba Birthday
Jun 22 – Inst. Matthew Wagner Birthday
Jun 26 – WHQ – 10th Annual Warrior Quest (San Francisco)
Jun 27 – WHQ – FMS Black Belt Camp (San Francisco)

July 2010
Jul 12 – Inst. Dylan Hamilton Birthday
Jul 23 – Kuk Sa Nim Birthday (San Francisco)

August 2010
Aug 05 – Inst. Earl Boyd Birthday
Aug 14 – FMS - KSN Seminar - Sault St. Marie, Canada
Aug 15 – FMS - KSN Seminar - Sault St. Marie, Canada
Aug 15 – Inst. Kimberly Shaw Birthday
Aug 27 – Inst. Robert Hudson Birthday
Aug 31 – Master Dennis Vega Birthday

September 2010
Sep 02 – Inst. Nelson Pinto Birthday
Sep 18 – Inst. Juan Gonzalez Birthday
Sep 23 – Inst. Eduardo Soberal Birthday
Sep 25-26 – The Gathering Seminar – Sacramento (Sacramento)
Sep 28 – Inst. Carlos Sanchez Birthday

October 2010
Oct 06 – Inst. Nelson Cardona Birthday
Oct 17 – Inst. Johnothan L. Pantoja Birthday

November 2010
Nov 10 – Inst. Cassie Merwin Birthday
Nov 16 – Inst. Wyatt Kern Birthday
Nov 17 – Inst. Katarzyna Klepczyk Birthday
Nov 20 – FMS Hollister – 5th Faultline Warrior Classic (Hollister)
Nov 21 – FMS Black Belt Camp (Hollister)
Nov 25 – Inst. Patrick Brennan Birthday
Nov TBA – KSN – Europe Trip - FMS Open Seminars, Testing, etc (TBA)

December 2010
Dec 02 – Inst. Ken Gibson Birthday
Dec 04 – Inst. Luis Medina Aviles Birthday
Dec 04 – FMS Puerto Rico - KSN Open Seminar (Puerto Rico)
Dec 06 – Inst. Inocencio Molina Birthday
Dec 15 – Inst. Amalio Jimenez Birthday
Dec 17 – Inst. Stuart McCalla Birthday
Dec 18 – FMS Hollister – Christmas Party
Dec 18 – FMS Puerto Rico - Color belt testing
Dec 29 – Inst. Mark Shekoyan Birthday

*** Attention all Modern Farang Mu Sul® Instructors: If you have any events that you would like to share, please contact us As Soon As Possible KSN , and we will post your events here.

**** Attention ALL Instructors: If you would like Grand Master De Alba to come out to your school for Seminars or Testing, please get in touch with our Seminar Coordinator: Sa Bum Nim - King - SBN. He will give you all of the details to make sure you make it to this years' schedule. Grand Master De Alba only has so much time, and as we all know, last year was VERY busy (a good busy). Therefore, we need to plan as much in advance as possible. This calendar is going to get filled very quickly, so you know what to do!

Home, News, Philosophy, Rank, Articles, FAQ's, Events, Biography, I.D.S.C., Store-FMS Products, Images, Links, Video Clips, FMS Programs, Long Distance Training, Official FMS Black Belts, Warrior Quest Championship

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