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De Alba System - Modern Farang Mu Sul®
The Art of Endless Options

By Grand Master Michael De Alba

The process of Martial Arts training, prepares individuals for a myriad of self defense scenarios. Most training evolves around foundational basics, mental and physical development, and perhaps forms practice. The more combative styles include practical sparring and self defense techniques.

However, when an individual needs to use their knowledge in a self defense situation the true "practical" nature of an art shows itself. For example, most martial systems generally include defenses against grabs, punches, kicks, chokes and even weapon attacks (usually knife and club). In the process of these self defense responses a style's focus or emphasis becomes of critical importance. If the art in question has strong kicking focus, guess what most of the self defense responses will be? ...kicks. Conversely, if grappling or punching is main area emphasized, well they will surely materialize in the self defense sets.

The problem here lies in the fact that REAL attacks are not static, or with cooperative opponents. There are NO rules, judges, points or penalties. The name of this game is survival. Remember the "X" factor: You most likely do not know who your opponent really is, their true skill, strength, objective, determination, alone or with backup. Are kicks something very easy for him to counter? Does he have an impossible to stop shoot-in tackle? Or has he been harboring a series of resentments for the last 10 years and is now going to take all his anger out on you because he thinks you looked at him wrong or insulted his mother?

One of the most comprehensive Korean martial art systems in existence today is Modern Farang Mu Sul® (which roughly translates as the Fighting Art of the Modern Warrior). This art is the amalgamation of four different versions and teaching methods of "Classical Farang systems" such as Hwa Rang Do (which roughly translates as the Way of Flowering Manhood).

This warrior's art, Modern Farang Mu Sul®, with its primary focus of self defense and character development is currently being taught literally around the world by founder Grand Master Michael De Alba. The European representative is Master Klaus Wachsmann (who teaches with a combination of "Traditional Farang" aka Hwa Rang Do). These two masters combined have over 60 years of martial arts training and practical real world self defense application. This system of combat is so effective that it has been taught to select members of the US Special Forces, DEA, elite military units, and police both in the US and Europe.

What makes Modern Farang Mu Sul® such a devastatingly effective art is its own rich knowledge base passed down from the ancient Korean Farang Warriors (aka Hwarang Warriors). What makes the system modern is its philosophy, and primary goal, of effective combat in any environment, condition or situation. Modern Farang Mu Sul® incorporates key elements of Kickboxing, Grappling, Trapping, Joint Locks, CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Pressure Points, Weapons (over 110 conventional and unconventional types) and much more into truly one of the most multi-faceted and complete martial arts available today.

Now, practicing a diversity of combat methods is not what makes this such a comprehensive and effective system, but rather it is the integration of all the elements that give it life. The lines of separation between the tactics becomes blurred, so that they eventually become as one. This is achieved by going beyond technique and understanding the key concepts of what makes them work, or not work for that matter. From ancient times to now the art of engaging in combat has changed. Where we used to have forces walking or on horses we now have tanks and helicopters. Individual combat has also changed, people no longer walk around with swords or lances to protect themselves. Open borders between countries has allowed more knowledge than ever to be transmitted to the public. This new knowledge has also brought with it new ideas of self defense. Any art that is to survive the coming millennium must also adapt to this fact. The belief of Modern Farang Mu Sul® is the art must be tailored to the individual, not the other way around. Each person has natural strong and weak points. By combining elements from a comprehensive base, the student develops working knowledge of the main areas of combat: hand strikes, foot strikes, grappling, weapons work, choking, nerve attacks, throws and counters all of these. With this thorough and detailed training an individual no longer has weak areas, only strong and stronger ones. It is by far better to have the knowledge and not the need, than the other way around.

The mental and spiritual aspects are also not ignored. Self-defense is 99% mental. A combat effective warrior has more than a knowledge of physical techniques, and physical responses. Mental discipline and spiritual development are critical to creating a true Warrior and not just a fighter. It is in accepting responsibility for our own health, well being and the consequences of our actions that define who we are. A martial art without philosophy is like a ship sailing on the ocean without a compass or charts. Modern Farang Mu Sul® goes beyond the survival oriented street fighters mentality, into the philosophical, yet fierce warrior's attitude inherent in the Farang Meng Sae (Farang Warriors Code of Ethics).

The Farang Meng Sae (Farang Warriors Code of Ethics) of Modern Farang Mu Sul®

Modern Farang Mu Sul® Creed

01- Correctness in Attitude
02- Excellence in Training
03- Directness in Action
04- Effectiveness in Combat
05- Humility in Heart
06- Strength in Character
07- Freedom in Expression
08- Thirst in Knowledge
09- Power in Truth
10- Respect in Wisdom

From this stand point of integrating the mental and physical realms in a natural, sensible and progressive fashion, any individual, regardless of "style" can benefit. The key is to have an open mind and a true heart. Remember, in order to reach new shores on must first leave old ones behind.

For more information on seminars, classes and video tapes on Modern Farang Mu Sul®, please contact:

Grand Master Michael De Alba
Modern Farang Mu Sul
® International
PO Box 21
Fulton, CA 95439
USA Tel.(415) 661-9657

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