2nd Annual Warrior Quest Championship
May 6, 2001

Greetings everyone!

Wow! I can't believe that it has been a year already since our first tournament. Time does fly when you're having fun.

Well, this years' event proved to live up to and in some ways surpass last years' tournament. Before I go any further I want to take time out and thank a few people that made this all possible and a success.

Words can not express our gratitude to Grand Master Rick Alemany, Simu Margaret Alemany for all of their help and support. Without which this would not have been possible. You are awesome.

I would now like to take a minute to thank from the bottom of my heart the following individuals and their students for their direct and indirect support. Again, without them, this event would not have been possible. They are: Prof. Bill Dewart (Tae Kwon Do), Soke Tim Delgman (Jujitsu), Prof. Bill Grossman, Simu Patty Grossman (Kempo), Sensei Eric Reed (IOMASDA), Prof. Don Jordan (Kempo), Master Jino Kang (Hap Ki Do), Inst. Ron Atwood (Tae Kwon Do), Sensei Ferol Arce (Wado Ki Kai), Lynn Mac Connell (Wado Ki Kai), Patricia Busalacchi (our medic) and many others.

A special thank you goes to all of the Modern Farang Mu Sul® teachers and students who traveled a way to be here. They are: Asst. Inst. Carlos Sanchez from Denver, CO. -Inst. John Pantoja from Hanford, CA. -Inst. David Dehnert from Los Angels, CA. -Inst. Schleeter, Inst. Earl Boyd, Inst. Beth Dudzik, Asst. Inst. Chris Dudzik and students from Hollister, CA. ( Michael Sorbet, Donna, Ed Barone and Neil Carpenter).

And last but not least, major thanks to all San Francisco Modern Farang Mu Sul® teachers and students for their tireless efforts and really "being there". They are: Inst. Terry King, Inst. Jim Staley, Inst. Joseph Gumina, Asst. Inst. Kimberly Leith, Stuart Mc Calla, Justine De Alba, Alessandro Padovani, Clarence Jones, Bardia Farahman, Michael De Alba Jr., Norma De Alba, Chaz Green, Thomas and Brandon De Alba.

Ok. Now for those of you who couldn't make it this year, here is a brief run down:

After brief introductions and speeches, the events got under way (Kim you kicked butt at that registration desk!). The kids and juniors forms and sparring divisions were first and went very smooth and quickly. Inst. King, Schleeter, Atwood and Lynn made sure of that. And yes, Thomas and Brandon competed (and placed!).

Next on hand were weapons forms. Congrats go to Inst. Gumina on his first place win (also in Black Belt forms and sparring! Go Joey !!)

So next, as you now know, Inst. Gumina took Black Belt forms, (followed by Inst. Boyd). For the self defense division, Sensei Reed did and awesome job and took first.

Then came the Black Belt sparring. Here is where the real fun started. Well let's just say that Inst. Joey Gumina came to win (he KO'd all of his opposition).

Next came an introduction of the rules for middle stick and knife sparring. I think Inst. Boyd was listening, because he took stick fighting, no problem.

As for the knife fighting, well the competition was definitely on. Everyone gave an awesome showing, but in the end, it was between Inst. King and Chaz Green (both from FMS® - HQ). It was Inst. King who showed his polished experience by taking Chaz - 3 to 1 in "mortal wounds".

Lastly we had another great show in the grappling division. Mike De Alba Jr. did not defend his win last year, opening up the under heavy weight division and along came Michael Sorbet from Hollister to just give a clinic on take downs and reversals. Great work!

In the heavy weight division, it was again an Inst. Reed's student from IOMASDA to come out on top. This year it was Vitaliy Zherefucur (I hope I spelled that right!). He not only came to win, but knew the rules, had great coaching and was in great shape (hell, he competed in forms, weapon forms, self defense, fighting and grappling!!). He hung in there using superior strategy and technique all the way to the finals where he just squeaked by in sudden death with Stuart Mc Calla. Good job and well deserved! Inst. Reed……I'm scared of you.

What a great time! The 4th Modern Farang Mu Sul® Black Belt class presented me with a beautiful plaque of appreciation. Inst. Boyd was impressive to watch as he entered and won or placed in no less than FIVE divisions!!! Major kudos! (forms, self defense, grappling, stick fighting and knife fighting!). Kudos also go to Kim Leith for the very, very nice T-shirts and sweat shirts that she had made this year. For those interested, we still have some available. They are the same design as last year, only they are on an off blue color shirt (as opposed to black last year).

Well, then we all retired to my house for some incredible BBQ, drinks, and "Cubanskis". What a totally fun time. I can't wait for next year.

With brotherhood,
Kuk Sa Nim - De Alba



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